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Time limits exist between bankruptcy filings

Some people may mistakenly think that bankruptcy is a one-shot deal: that once you file for bankruptcy, that is the only chance you get. However, this is incorrect. There is no limit to the number of bankruptcy filings you can go through. But there are time limits between your filings.

When the discharge process starts, which debts can be eliminated?

One of the most important aspects of a bankruptcy filing is the debt discharge process. This is the stage of the bankruptcy that sees many of your past debts eliminated (either partially or wholly) and it can free you up after the bankruptcy so that you can get your financial life back on track.

Is the ACA tied to a significant dip in bankruptcy filings?

Personal bankruptcy filings have been on a steep decline in the last six years, and that's a great sign for many Americans across the country that have been in -- and know -- stressful financial situations. In the last six years, personal bankruptcy rates have dropped roughly 50 percent. But what is driving this decline in bankruptcy filings?

Rebuild your credit score and your life after bankruptcy

In the last few weeks, we've written a few posts about what happens during the bankruptcy process and how you need to react to each step. We talked about the timeline of bankruptcy, and we also touched on the many myths that exist in relation to bankruptcy. Today, we want to talk about the not-so-little matter of life after bankruptcy. What should you do? How do you recover from this major moment in your life?

What is the timeline for a bankruptcy filing?

People who are considering or have filed for bankruptcy will naturally have many questions about the process. How do I file? What can I expect in the weeks that follow my filing? What new responsibilities will I have in the wake of a filing? What do the different types of bankruptcy mean for me? How can I best address the issues I will face throughout the bankruptcy process?

On bankruptcy, and how it can help you

Life rarely goes in a straight line. There are so many twists, turns and unexpected events that make life maddening -- and invigorating. But when it comes to your finances, the last thing you want is for unexpected events to disrupt your routine and financial stability. This could lead to bankruptcy, a disturbing word that can make many people shudder. It brings to mind quitting, or skirting out on your responsibilities.

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