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Taking a look at non-dischargeable debts

The discharge process is one of the most important aspects of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It allows those that have debt to use the bankruptcy process to eliminate -- or discharge -- some of those debts from their record. Liquidation goes a long way towards eliminating...

When do debt collection calls become harassment?

Getting constant calls from debt collectors in Louisiana can really take its toll. You may even receive them at work or they may call your relatives, trying to get information about you. It can be a very frustrating situation. Even if you know you owe the debt, you...

What to avoid when debt collectors call

Due to a variety of forces, many people end up in outstanding debt. In the state of Louisiana, the average student loan debt was $26,865 in 2015. Those numbers come courtesy of a report published in USA Today.  One of the most frightening aspects of too much...

The dangers of payday loans

If you have ever found yourself in a position where you need more cash on hand, you might have felt tempted to utilize a payday loan. Payday loans are small cash loans you can secure ahead of your paycheck, as long as you agree to repay the loan once you receive...

Take control of your financial life

In our last post, we talked about avoiding debt in the first place. This is a means of never having to deal with a bankruptcy filing, which is obviously the preferred way to go through life. However, not every person gets to live that life. Some honest, hard-working...