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Have medical debt? A bankruptcy could help

Debt can pile up in an instant, and all it takes is a major life event for your debt to run out of control. Purchasing a new car or home may be too much too quick, and as a result, your bank account runs dry. You may have a lot of student debt that drains your finances for a long time. Or maybe you make an impulse purchase with a credit card but you aren't able to handle the balance. All of these situations could lead to someone needing a bankruptcy filing to help with their finances.

Taking a look at non-dischargeable debts

The discharge process is one of the most important aspects of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It allows those that have debt to use the bankruptcy process to eliminate -- or discharge -- some of those debts from their record. Liquidation goes a long way towards eliminating these debts. But the process is a helpful one for many individuals and families all across the country.

What is wage garnishment and how can you prevent it?

The phrase "wage garnishment" gets thrown around quite often when the topic of debt or bankruptcy comes up. This is because some creditors will pursue debts that you owe, and when you fail to pay, they take legal action. Wage garnishment is the legal process by which a creditor forces your employer to withhold a portion of your paycheck to ensure they get paid. Wage garnishment can cripple the financial lives of people who are already in a difficult financial position.

When do debt collection calls become harassment?

Getting constant calls from debt collectors in Louisiana can really take its toll. You may even receive them at work or they may call your relatives, trying to get information about you. It can be a very frustrating situation. Even if you know you owe the debt, you still do not have to put up with harassment. Luckily, the federal government recognizes that debt collection tactics can border on harassment. There are specific guidelines in place to ensure this does not happen.

The dangers of payday loans

If you have ever found yourself in a position where you need more cash on hand, you might have felt tempted to utilize a payday loan. Payday loans are small cash loans you can secure ahead of your paycheck, as long as you agree to repay the loan once you receive your next paycheck.

Take control of your financial life

In our last post, we talked about avoiding debt in the first place. This is a means of never having to deal with a bankruptcy filing, which is obviously the preferred way to go through life. However, not every person gets to live that life. Some honest, hard-working people fall on hard times, and when these things happen they will be in need of relief measures that allow them to get out from underneath their debts.

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