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Effective credit card debt management for those in need

For many people all across the country -- may they be old, young, employed, or unemployed -- credit card debt will be the one cost that brings down their financial house. To keep things in order, there are a number of effective steps that you can take to prevent credit card debt from overwhelming you, or to cut it down if it has reached a critical point.

Canadian survey shows bankruptcy stigma is a problem

According to a report from an insolvency practice in Canada, there is a serious stigma that Canadians have with bankruptcy, to the point that most respondents were willing to do nearly anything instead of filing for bankruptcy. More than 2,000 Canadians were surveyed for this information, and many responded to the survey by saying they would rather work 10 hours of overtime per week for a year, or give up their cell phone for a year, or even sell their organs than seek professional help in the form of a bankruptcy.

Don't underestimate the problematic potency of medical debt

Typically when people think about debt that overwhelms an individual, they think about credit card debt or a mortgage that is too much for the person to handle. Student debt is another common reason for someone to suffer serious debt, but of course that is a non-dischargeable debt that causes complications during bankruptcy proceedings.

Certain debts can't be discharged, so be ready for them

When people get into serious trouble with their finances and the debt piles up, many will eventually turn to a bankruptcy filing. This is a huge step in anyone's life,, and it can lead to many of their debts being discharged (through Chapter 7) or reorganized into a much more manageable repayment plan (Chapter 13). However, in either case, there are certain debts that people carry that can't be discharged through the bankruptcy process.

5 famous people who declared bankruptcy

If you are like many people in Louisiana, you have severe financial problems. You may have lost your job, or your salary may be far less than what it once was. In the meantime, you may have accumulated substantial debt that you now find you cannot pay. You may be trying to make mortgage payments, car payments, credit card payments, payday loan payments and a variety of other payments all at the same time. Your money simply will not stretch that far, so you may be thinking about filing bankruptcy as a last resort.

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