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Famous people who have filed for bankruptcy

Celebrities are not immune from falling behind on paying their debts. One of the most recent examples involves Lil' Kim, who has accumulated over $1.47 million in back taxes.  However, Lil' Kim is far from alone. Here are other famous people throughout the years...

How to prioritize credit-card debt

If you find yourself drowning in credit-card debt and searching for a solution, the best thing you can do is start at square one. For most, this means learning more about credit-card debt and understanding the steps you can take to make progress in paying it down. In...

Are there reasons to avoid Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

No one dreams of the day when they will file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as this means something has gone wrong in regards to your finances. If you come to realize that Chapter 7 bankruptcy could help your financial situation, it makes sense to learn more. While you...

Financial stress common in Louisiana

How stressed are people in Louisiana? Very, according to a recent report. And it appears financial stress is a major contributor to this. The WalletHub report found Louisiana to be the most stressed state in the entire country. The rankings were reached through...