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When is the right time to file bankruptcy?

As you have dealt with overwhelming debt, you have likely looked at all your options. Once you have decided on filing for bankruptcy as your solution, you may next consider when to file. Does the timing of your filing make a difference in the outcome? The answer...

5 famous people who declared bankruptcy

If you are like many people in Louisiana, you have severe financial problems. You may have lost your job, or your salary may be far less than what it once was. In the meantime, you may have accumulated substantial debt that you now find you cannot pay. You may be...

Recognizing illegal debt collection tactics

If you are like many other Americans, and you find yourself struggling to make ends meet and pay bills on time, you may find yourself on the receiving end of some unwanted attention from debt collectors. If you have ever received calls and communications from debt...

Do not be afraid of the bankruptcy process

When you hear the term "bankruptcy," you may feel fearful. You may think that filing for bankruptcy is a moral failure or it will ruin your credit forever. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about bankruptcy that induce fear and intimidation in...

Are you trapped in payday loan debt in Louisiana?

Payday loans are an increasingly popular way for people to get money quick. But these loans can be quite risky because the debt can build up fast and become overwhelming. If you feel trapped in a cycle of payday loan debt and believe you have no other...

Tips for rebuilding credit after bankruptcy

One stumbling block that keeps some people from filing for bankruptcy is the belief that it will doom their credit for years. However, it is possible to begin rebuilding your credit promptly, and in just a few months, your credit score may start to rise. In a...

Understanding the bankruptcy means test

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy and have begun researching the process involved in doing so, you may have come across the term “means test,” and you may be wondering what it is and what it entails. Essentially, the bankruptcy means test...