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Effective credit card debt management for those in need

For many people all across the country -- may they be old, young, employed, or unemployed -- credit card debt will be the one cost that brings down their financial house. To keep things in order, there are a number of effective steps that you can take to prevent credit card debt from overwhelming you, or to cut it down if it has reached a critical point.

Federal Reserve: Revolving credit reaches record high

It seems like every few months this story passes through the headlines, but yet again we are talking about the amount of credit card debt racked up by Americans. The debt continues to grow, and it is reaching levels that are making some experts a little concerned.

Dying isn't as scary as credit card debt to younger generation

Credit card debt is a scary factor in the lives of many people all across the country. But is it the scariest thing you can think of? According to a new survey done by the website Credible, people aged 18 to 34 who carry credit card debt see their debt as the scariest part of their daily lives. It ranked higher than climate change, the threat of war, and even dying. That's an eye-opening realization about how younger generations see credit card debt.

Take control of your financial life

In our last post, we talked about avoiding debt in the first place. This is a means of never having to deal with a bankruptcy filing, which is obviously the preferred way to go through life. However, not every person gets to live that life. Some honest, hard-working people fall on hard times, and when these things happen they will be in need of relief measures that allow them to get out from underneath their debts.

Simple steps to avoid debt in the first place

A lot of the focus of this blog is on bankruptcy, meaning that we are talking about a legal process that already assumes you are buried under a lot of debt. But of course, there is something even better than filing for bankruptcy to clear out your debts, and that is never being in debt in the first place. How do you achieve this?

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