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Unexpected life changes can lead you to file bankruptcy

When some Americans hear that another person has filed for bankruptcy, they initially think that it has to do with that individual's inability to manage their finances. While this may be the reason that some individuals ultimately have to file, unexpected life changes most often result in bankruptcy filings.

Can bankruptcy put an end to creditor harassment?

It doesn't take long to get in over your head financially. If you carry a balance on your credit cards, finance your vehicles and have a mortgage, those payments likely consume a significant portion of your pay every month. Getting into a car accident, suddenly falling ill or losing your job could mean going from making ends meet to drowning in debt.

Contrasting Chapter 13 with Chapter 7

There are many chapters of bankruptcy, which can lead to a lot of confusion about filing. For the sake of personal bankruptcy filings, there are really only two chapters that are common and relevant for most people: Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Most people will end up filing the former rather than the latter, and this is mostly due to the fact that these two chapters have different income requirements.

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