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Financial stress common in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Personal Bankruptcy

How stressed are people in Louisiana? Very, according to a recent report. And it appears financial stress is a major contributor to this.

The WalletHub report found Louisiana to be the most stressed state in the entire country. The rankings were reached through looking at factors in four different stress categories. These categories are: family-related stress, health- & safety-related stress, money-related stress and work-related stress.

Louisiana ranked very high in the money-related stress category. The state had the 3rd highest level of this stress in the nation. This put money-related stress in a tie with health-& safety-related stress for the stress category that the state ranked the highest in. So, money stress appears to be a big factor in the high stress level among Louisiana residents.

How common do you feel financial stress is here in Louisiana?

Money-related stress, when it builds up, can have impacts on all aspects of a person’s life. So, finding ways to reduce such stress can be very important.

One thing that can create a great deal of money-related stress for a person is high debt. When debt hits overwhelming levels, a person may worry about all kinds of things, including their financial well-being, their reputation, their family and the possibility of facing creditor harassment.

So, when debt troubles arise, responding properly can be important from all sorts of perspectives, including a stress-reduction perspective. In some circumstances, personal bankruptcy might be able to help cut down on the financial pressure a person is facing, which could lead to major stress relief.

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