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Knowing The Bankruptcy Basics

The word bankruptcy is disturbing to most people. It implies something bad — quitting or giving up or skipping out on your responsibilities. Who can blame you if you don’t really understand what it is or how it works? That’s what attorneys are for.

Bankruptcy is an end to one story, and the beginning of another story. The first story ends because something bad happened — unpayable medical bills, the end of a marriage, credit card bills that got out of control.

Bad Luck Can Strike Anyone

Our system understands that people can’t be allowed to fall forever because of bad luck. Bankruptcy is how our financial system washes its laundry and puts it back on the line. Bill collectors are made to heel. Debts are wiped clean. People who have been struggling catch their breath and get back in the game.

This section looks at the key components of Chapter 13 and Chapter 7, and how they work, and how our law firm can help you obtain maximum debt relief from this system.

Making Bankruptcy Doable For You

McBride Law Firm has been helping people with debt problems for many years. Our lawyers work hard to make it easy and non-threatening. If you have questions that go beyond these basic points, we are always available to talk to you, in person or by phone (318-625-0471).  Results may vary–each case is different.

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