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Can You File For Bankruptcy More Than Once?

It may surprise you to know that a third of our business is repeat business — people who are filing for bankruptcy the second, third or even fourth time.

There is an obvious reason for this. People on a shaky financial footing, or with modest resources, are more vulnerable to future problems. People who are hit by medical issues the first time may be hit by different medical issues later. People who lose their jobs can lose another job later.

How Often Can You File Bankruptcy?

By law, there is no set limit to how many times you can file. The law does set minimum intervals between filings.

You are not allowed to file for one Chapter 7 case if you filed and had debts discharged under another Chapter 7 case within the previous eight years.

Generally, you are not allowed to file for a Chapter 13 case if you filed a Chapter 7 case in the previous six years or a Chapter 13 case in the previous two years

At McBride Law Firm, we hate to see multiple filings, because it means people are still struggling, and the economy is still not as robust as we need it to be.

Providing Healthy Bankruptcy Solutions

But the rationale for bankruptcy relief remains valid for people who file more than once: That it’s not healthy for society to have people go deeper and deeper into unpayable debt. Bankruptcy is still the best approach for giving people a shot at a new financial life.

We invite you to call our lawyers at call tracking, or to drop in at our Alexandria, Louisiana, offices to discuss your debt issues, and the best way for you to go forward.