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The Right Kind Of Debt Relief

Bankruptcy is the only method of debt relief backed by power of the courts. Our system recognizes that people can’t be allowed to fall ever deeper into debt — that our economy benefits when everyone is able to participate.

In this section, we list the main kinds of debts and show how Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 offer practical relief and powerful protection for each:

Solving Your Unique Debt Problems

At McBride Law Firm, we believe in creative solutions. Knowing that some people are unable to pay for Chapter 13 upfront, we created a “no-money-down Chapter 13,” so relief occurs immediately, and payment can be made as things improve for you.

We also know how to use the system to beat the system. If you have ever taken out a payday loan, you know how they can squeeze you for a huge amount of interest. Tom McBride and our other bankruptcy lawyers will show you how to make payday loan debt go away, just as we do with credit card and medical debt.

Our office is committed to one thing — easing the pressure put on you by unpayable debt. Because we succeed for our clients, we have succeeded for ourselves. That’s why McBride Law Firm is the premier bankruptcy firm in Alexandria and the surrounding area.

There Is No Relief Like Relief From Unpayable Debt

Stop the pain. McBride Law Firm offers you quick relief from unpayable debt, and we work to make it easy for you. And just like the neighborhood hair salon or barbershop, “walk-ins are welcome” at our Jackson Street office. Call our attorneys, or just stop in for a visit!