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We offer an affordable Chapter 13

At McBride Law Firm, we understand that a major obstacle to bankruptcy is being strapped for cash. That’s why we devised a way for people that qualify to file for Chapter 13 with a low down payment (if they qualify based on income, employment, and feasibility. Repeat filers, unemployed persons or self-employed persons may not qualify).

Free Yourself From Unpayable Debt

This offering has proved very popular with people who qualify for the offer. We  take most of the attorney fees and fold them into the repayment plan we help you draw up. This means you get the most important benefits of bankruptcy — silencing your creditors and discharging your debts right away.

Without a program like this, you go deeper in debt while putting money aside to file. Or you give up completely because you don’t have the money.

File Bankruptcy With Little Money Down

Eligibility for the low down payment Chapter 13 is based on income, employment, and feasibility.

We manage the entire process for you, putting your documentation in good order, filing the documents and running all three credit checks for you.

You are still entitled to all the services our lawyers offer regularly: providing valuable credit counseling and debtor education requirements.

Making Bankruptcy Easier For You

McBride Law Firm wants you to get started on a new life without delay. Our low down payment Chapter 13 is one more example of this.

Now there’s no reason to put off filing. Call Tom McBride in Alexandria, Louisiana, today — 318-625-0471.