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Located in Alexandria, the McBride Law Firm has been helping individuals throughout central Louisiana discharge their debts through bankruptcy for more than 30 years. We can help you.

Bankruptcy Consultation Checklist — Items To Bring To Our First Meeting

At the McBride Law Firm, we thoroughly evaluate our clients’ finances, debts and assets before suggesting a bankruptcy process. During your initial consultation, you will need to bring certain documents for our review:

  • Pay stubs — Please bring six months worth of pay stubs, Social Security Disability (SSD) payments, unemployment or workers’ compensation.
  • Federal and state tax returns — Try to bring two years worth of state and federal tax returns.
  • A list of your creditors — You do not have to bring in all of your bills. Instead, write down a list of all of your creditors.
  • Your debts — Bring in your monthly statements showing the amount of debt you owe each creditor.
  • Bank statements — Please bring three months worth of bank statements
  • Information regarding lawsuits — If you are being sued by one of your creditors or are involved in another lawsuit, please bring information about that suit.
  • Notices regarding wage garnishment — If a creditor sent you a letter warning of wage garnishment, bring the letter.
  • Notices regarding foreclosure — If your home is being foreclosed on, bring any notices you have received regarding the foreclosure and sheriff’s sale.

Don’t worry if you can’t obtain all of these documents before our initial consultation. Our lawyers can begin preparing your bankruptcy while you continue to gather this information.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.