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It is not uncommon for women to suffer financially after divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Credit Card Debt, Personal Bankruptcy

It is stressful and emotionally draining to go through a divorce. It is often financially devastating as well, particularly for women. Like many divorced women in Louisiana, you may have been quite comfortable during your marriage only to find yourself in dire financial straits once you were newly single, regardless of receiving alimony or child support.

U.S. News & World Report points out that although it may not always be the case, women are often at a financial disadvantage after their marriages have crumbled. This may be due in part to many women sticking to traditional family roles – staying home while their children are young instead of working, or working just part-time. If this was your situation, then you can understand how it might be difficult to make up for the years out of the workforce.

How can you adjust to a single income after your divorce? The following tips might help:

  • Contact a financial advisor to work out a suitable financial and retirement plan.
  • Avoid waiting until your child or spousal support runs out to address potential financial difficulties in the future.
  • Consider updating your job skills by going to school or taking refresher courses in your chosen career.

It is possible to suffer from financial struggles for a few months or years after your divorce, and this is completely normal. If you find that it is increasingly difficult to keep your head above water, you might want to consider filing for bankruptcy to help you get on solid ground. The good news is that after your divorce, you may feel more in control over your financial and professional life than you ever have, once you get over the initial hurdles. This is because you are now in control over your own life and can make the decisions that will best serve you in the years to come.

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