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Make it stop: Creditor harassment is real, and not okay, Pt. 1

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Credit Card Debt

Sure, there are things in life that are simply annoying. They bug you, like nails on a chalk board. Maybe you even think they should be outlawed. But because this is a free country and you might be dealing with a mere pet peeve, there is little you can do to address the matter.

This is not the case with the serious matter of creditor harassment. You do have rights against the abuse. You just need to recognize the problem and take the proper steps to protect yourself.

In this post, we want to discuss what constitutes creditor harassment. Too many men and women struggling with debt struggle more than they have to because they fail to identify and act when creditors cross the line. So, what are creditors not allowed to do when trying to collect debts owed?

The following actions are some forms of creditor harassment, according to FindLaw:

They can’t call whenever they want

You shouldn’t be getting collection calls at all hours of the day. Being woken up by creditors’ calls in the middle of the night or early morning would not only be enraging; it would also be harassment. The law states that any calls should be made between the more reasonable hours of 8 AM and 9 PM. Calls also shouldn’t happen over and over and over. Habitual, persistent collection calls can truly create a stressful, invasive situation for consumers and are, therefore, prohibited.

Honesty is a policy for collectors, not a suggestion

If a debt collector misrepresents him or herself in the hopes of scaring you into paying your debts, they are violating your rights. You have the right to know the truth about who is contacting you and how much you owe. Creditors might misrepresent themselves as authorities or lawyers. They are not allowed to lie to you and essentially scare you into action.

These are only a couple of the actions that you do not have to tolerate as a consumer. An upcoming post will continue this list of the various forms of creditor harassment.

Do you currently feel as though creditors are harassing you and abusing their power? The reality of owing any debts can already inspire enough worry in a person. You do not need the added pressure and anxiety caused by ruthless creditor harassment. Take back some of your power by turning to a trusted bankruptcy attorney who can help put a stop to the unethical actions of creditors in your life.

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