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Make it stop: Creditor harassment is real, and not okay, Pt. 2

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2017 | Bankruptcy

A recent post about creditor harassment listed a couple of ways creditors or collection agencies can become a nuisance. If you have debt you are probably already stressed out and doing what you can to address the financial hurdles in your life. Harassment by outsiders turns stress into major anxiety and even daily fear.

They cannot be profane

It might sound obvious to say, but parties should not call you and use profanities to try to scare you into making payments. Don’t tolerate that behavior. Feel free to hang up that phone.

They cannot try to outwardly shame you

Creditors and collection agencies will contact you, sure. They can also contact your spouse. They should not, however, contact friends, other family or your place of business about your alleged debts.

Attempts at embarrassing you about your debts can also take the form of mail that would clearly tell anyone at a first glance that you are being contacted about your debts.

While creditor harassment really happens, there is also real help for you if you are a victim of such emotional abuse. Do not trust the collection agencies or creditors calling you and simply pay what they might be demanding. You should reach out to a bankruptcy lawyer who will evaluate the situation and help you regain a sense of control and safety.

As soon as you are officially represented by a bankruptcy lawyer and apply for the process, a sort of magic takes effect. Your lawyer is now your representative regarding all of your debt matters and should be the contact person for any creditors. Harassing calls and other collection attempts should halt, leaving you less anxious and on the path toward a new chapter free of old debts and creditor abuse.