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Chapter 13 repayment plans can be beneficial

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of the two most common forms of personal bankruptcy. Many people use Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This forms requires a means test to be passed. If you earn too much then you won't qualify for Chapter 7. Chapter 13 is a great option for those who...

Which to file first: bankruptcy or divorce?

Perhaps the only thing harder than facing bankruptcy is facing divorce along with it. What are you to do when your savings account ends the same time as your marriage does? Does it make a difference which event you handle first? Yes, it does. Whether you should file...

Discussing Chapter 7 bankruptcy

People can be in a good financial position and still lose control of it very quickly. Consider this: you have been working hard and saving up for months on end. After accruing a solid amount of savings, you prepare to make a big purchase. But all of a sudden, your car...

Should I do debt consolidation or file for bankruptcy?

If you are in over your head financially and struggling to make ends meet in Louisiana, you may be tired of wondering if you are going to lose your house and cars. You may find yourself wondering if debt relief/consolidation is a better option for you than bankruptcy....