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Chapter 7 bankruptcy: pros and cons

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a very common type of bankruptcy filing. Many people choose this type of bankruptcy every year. But what are the benefits to Chapter 7 bankruptcy? And what are some of the downsides to such a bankruptcy filing? Today, let's examine some of the...

The benefits of filing for bankruptcy

You would be forgiven for thinking that bankruptcy is purely a negative act that has few benefits. Bankruptcy has been portrayed as a disastrous step that everyone should avoid. Now, obviously, no one wants to go through a bankruptcy and you should do everything in...

How to stop creditor harassment

Debt collectors may not always employ the most honest of practices. In fact, some of the practices got so bad that federal government enacted the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. The Federal Trade Commission has information about what constitutes abuse...

What debt collection practices are illegal?

Having a large amount of debt is undeniably overwhelming, and if you are among the many Americans who are finding themselves in this position, know that you are not alone. Medical bills often have the capacity to catapult even the most financially responsible people...

Should you file for bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a big step in any person's life. It doesn't matter how sure you are going into the bankruptcy -- because you will still have plenty of questions, and probably some fears too. So it is best to get as much information as you possibly can before...