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The major consequences of being in debt

No one plans on going into debt during their lifetime. Yet, emergencies, living expenses and credit card overuse have caused many Louisiana residents to end up indebted. If you’re among these ranks, debt’s economic strain has likely taken a toll on you. But it can...

Some can work to prevent credit card debt

Getting by these days sometimes means spending money that we do not have. Honestly, not everyone can afford, for example, that bill to repair their car. Maybe an unexpected medical necessity comes up. Even our health can be expensive. This reality makes it...

6 surprising facts about payday loans

Obtaining a payday loan is a simple process. All you need is identification, a steady income and a bank account in good standing. In the state of Louisiana, the maximum loan amount is $350, and the loan term is 60 days or fewer. However, the transaction is usually for...

Overcoming the shame of credit card debt

According to, the average credit card debt per family in Louisiana is almost $5,000. Did you know that if you only make the minimum payment each month, it would take nine years to pay this off? And that is if you do not incur any other debt during this...

4 ways to avoid debt this holiday season

While holiday cheer is in the air, you may be feeling uneasy about the cost of gifts, groceries and everything else that comes with holiday parties and gift exchanges. While it may be tempting to use the holidays as a good excuse to charge things to your credit card -...

Who takes on your debt when you die?

Most Americans have at least some form of debt, whether it is a home mortgage, an auto loan, student loans or some other kind of credit. In fact, many of us will carry various forms of debt for our entire lives. But have you ever wondered what will happen to your debt...

Taking the fear out of bankruptcy

For a lot of people, bankruptcy is a scary word. The thought of facing overwhelming debt can be terrifying, especially when it means letting other people know exactly how much you owe. You might also be nervous about what the legal bankruptcy process is like, and the...