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On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Bankruptcy

Is your New Year’s resolution to finally face your debt? If so, meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer might be the best first step to take.

By meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer, you are not deciding that you will file, you are simply finding out more about the process and whether it would even make sense in your case.

The best part is, many bankruptcy law firms, including the McBride Law Firm, offer a free initial consultation, which means you can learn about your options without paying a dime.

Bankruptcy is the best solution for many people who face overwhelming debt, but it isn’t right for everyone. You need to talk to a lawyer who will give you honest and upfront advice about whether bankruptcy is right for your situation.

Steps to take before meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer

You should come prepared to your initial consultation so that the lawyer can give you advice based on your finances, debts and assets.

You should gather the following documents and bring them to your first meeting:

  • Pay stubs going back six months, including Social Security Disability (SSD) payments, unemployment or workers’ compensation
  • Federal and state tax returns for the past two years
  • A list of all of your creditors (bills are not necessary)
  • Bank statements going back three months
  • Information about any lawsuits you are involved in
  • Notices of wage garnishment
  • Notices of foreclosure

You can read more about how to prepare for your first meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer here.

How much does it cost to file for bankruptcy?

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, then the last thing you want to have to do is pay a lawyer. At the McBride Law Firm we understand that and make bankruptcy assistance affordable to those who need it with reasonable and flexible payment options.

While every case is different, the up-front total cost for Chapter 7 bankruptcy representation is generally around $1,000 to $1,500. You can read more about paying for bankruptcy cost and fees here.