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Make it stop: Creditor harassment is real, and not okay, Pt. 1

Sure, there are things in life that are simply annoying. They bug you, like nails on a chalk board. Maybe you even think they should be outlawed. But because this is a free country and you might be dealing with a mere pet peeve, there is little you can do to address the matter.

6 surprising facts about payday loans

Obtaining a payday loan is a simple process. All you need is identification, a steady income and a bank account in good standing. In the state of Louisiana, the maximum loan amount is $350, and the loan term is 60 days or fewer. However, the transaction is usually for a short-term, two-week cash loan. The borrower will write a personal check for the amount to be borrowed, plus the finance charge. The lender holds the check until the borrower's next payday. The borrower may opt to redeem the check by paying off the loan, allowing the lender to deposit the check or paying the finance charge only so as to roll the loan over. Payday loans are big business-more than 20,000 lenders are available in the U.S. If you think you might need one of these loans, here are six little-known facts to consider.

Could your knee replacement lead to bankruptcy?

Data gathered from agencies and organizations across the country reveal how many families are struggling with medical bills. Part of the problem is that people are responsible for paying more out-of-pocket costs because of high-deductible insurance plans. To meet their obligations, some will use their savings. Others will use credit cards with high interest rates that inevitably pile up. Eventually the money runs out and the credit cards are maxed, but the pile of medical bills remains. The result is that health care has become the primary reason for bankruptcy in America.

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