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Ways to approach your credit card debt

Credit cards are tempting and devious tools. They seemingly offer "free" money, but of course that isn't true. It is simply that a credit card offers us the chance to make a big purchase when we don't necessarily have the cash on hand for it, delaying the moment when...

On bankruptcy, and how it can help you

Life rarely goes in a straight line. There are so many twists, turns and unexpected events that make life maddening -- and invigorating. But when it comes to your finances, the last thing you want is for unexpected events to disrupt your routine and financial...

Meeting with the trustee in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the better choice for your situation, but it still involves a complex process. Part of the procedure is meeting with the trustee, which is called a 341 meeting or hearing.   Thinking about the meeting may cause you some...

Some can work to prevent credit card debt

Getting by these days sometimes means spending money that we do not have. Honestly, not everyone can afford, for example, that bill to repair their car. Maybe an unexpected medical necessity comes up. Even our health can be expensive. This reality makes it...