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April 2017 Archives

Ways to approach your credit card debt

Credit cards are tempting and devious tools. They seemingly offer "free" money, but of course that isn't true. It is simply that a credit card offers us the chance to make a big purchase when we don't necessarily have the cash on hand for it, delaying the moment when we actually have to pay the piper. This can lead to people making big purchases they can't readily afford, and it can lead to us giving in to our worst impulses -- impromptu buys and expensive purchases.

Foreclosure rates are down, but risk is still real for some

From a news standpoint, sources tend to group all states together in economic reports. Reports might say, "The U.S. economy is stronger than it has been in a decade." Or, as one recent report says, "The residential foreclosure rate has been below pre-recession levels since late 2016 and continues to fall..."

On bankruptcy, and how it can help you

Life rarely goes in a straight line. There are so many twists, turns and unexpected events that make life maddening -- and invigorating. But when it comes to your finances, the last thing you want is for unexpected events to disrupt your routine and financial stability. This could lead to bankruptcy, a disturbing word that can make many people shudder. It brings to mind quitting, or skirting out on your responsibilities.

Federal Reserve report: More than $1 trillion in credit card debt

The Federal Reserve recently released a report that unveiled that Americans owe more than $1 trillion in credit card debt, collectively. While this may sound like an economic boost on a national level -- people are buying big items and using their credit cards, after all -- it can wreak havoc on an individual's person's financial situation.

Scammers might see distressed homeowners as targets

Are you having a hard time making the mortgage every month? Maybe affording your home has been a consistent struggle for you and your family. Maybe the financial hardship is new. No matter your situation, the frustration regarding your mortgage payments can make you vulnberable to heartless scammers out there.

How are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies different?

There are two common forms of personal bankruptcy that many people have heard of, but they may not know the differences between them. Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are critical tools that people can utilize to get out from underneath their debt. But what does it mean to file for either form of bankruptcy, and why would someone choose one form over the other?

Quick guide to keeping your car with Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Falling behind on your car loan payments can feel scary and stressful, but all hope is not gone. If you are worried about your car getting repossessed, find solace in the fact that there is a way to keep it. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can protect your car from repossession and help you get back on track with a repayment plan. Learn how filing for bankruptcy can help you keep your car.

Make it stop: Creditor harassment is real, and not okay, Pt. 2

A recent post about creditor harassment listed a couple of ways creditors or collection agencies can become a nuisance. If you have debt you are probably already stressed out and doing what you can to address the financial hurdles in your life. Harassment by outsiders turns stress into major anxiety and even daily fear.

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