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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

How long does Chapter 7 bankruptcy take to process?

Financial hardship can feel like something that you cannot escape, but Chapter 7 bankruptcy may offer the help you are looking for. More than 300,000 Americans file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy each year, and you may be able to join them in experiencing financial freedom....

Common myths about consumer bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has earned a reputation that leads many people to look down on the process, and people who choose to use it. There are many myths about bankruptcy and those who use it. By dispelling these myths, people can understand how beneficial bankruptcy is to those...

Can I file for bankruptcy and keep my home?

The short answer to this frequently-asked question is: Yes, it is often possible to file for bankruptcy protection and keep your home. One of the biggest misnomers about filing for bankruptcy is that the process results in losing all of your property and assets. As a...

What does it mean to file for bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is not something to be ashamed of. Our founding fathers made bankruptcy an option in our Constitution because they understood what a burden serious debt can be and they wanted Americans to be able to regain their freedom. As you probably already...